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  Performance of Mutual Funds, Managed by RACE (*calculated as of date: 08 March, 2018)  
  Mutual Fund Inception Fund Size (volume) NAV at Cost NAV at Market (adjusted) NAV/Unit at Cost NAV/Unit at Market (adjusted)  
  EBL First Mutual Fund 19 Aug 2009 135,385,017 1,502,799,074 1,593,126,882 11.10 11.77  
  Trust Bank 1st Mutual Fund 27 Jan 2010 284,463,105 3,109,189,471 3,416,793,505 10.93 12.01  
  IFIC Bank 1st Mutual Fund 01 Apr 2010 174,468,558 1,895,203,453 2,008,558,156 10.86 11.51  
  1st Janata Bank Mutual Fund 20 Sep 2010 275,463,331 2,933,120,426 3,172,599,667 10.65 11.52  
  Popular Life First Mutual Fund 19 Oct 2010 285,148,437 3,135,900,945 3,326,316,059 11.00 11.67  
  PHP First Mutual Fund 29 Nov 2010 267,751,462 2,871,330,763 3,123,868,338 10.72 11.67  
  EBL NRB Mutual Fund 23 May 2011 211,467,260 2,286,477,229 2,449,721,686 10.81 11.58  
  AB Bank 1st Mutual Fund 29 Jan 2012 224,147,247 2,539,675,957 2,766,075,421 11.33 12.34  
  First Bangladesh Fixed Income Fund 19 Mar 2012 733,468,087 7,931,970,079 8,465,615,522 10.81 11.54  
  EXIM Bank 1st Mutual Fund 16 Jul 2013 132,941,887 1,482,862,999 1,645,976,267 11.15 12.38  
  ** Includes 20% , 21% & 10% cash dividend paid out to unit holders in 2010,2011 and 2012.
* Includes 18% & 5% for TBL 1st MF, 15% & 5% for IFIC 1st MF and 9% for 1st Janata MF as cash dividend paid out to unit holders in 2011 and 2012.
Dividend/PSI Information of Ten Mutual Funds Managed by Bangladesh RACE Management PCL for the Fiscal Year 2016-17
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To become the most trusted asset management company in Bangladesh by helping our clients achieve their long-term investment goals.   RACE was founded as a JV between a group of Wall Street veterans and local Bangladeshi bankers. Between the two, our management team possesses world-class investment management and capital market research experience as well as an extensive network of localbusiness relationships. Our Analyst team consists of highly capable young Bangladeshi talent, trained to international standards  
First Bangladesh Fixed Income Fund.
AB Bank First Mutual Fund.
EXIM Bank First Mutual Fund.

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» To introduce research-focused, process-driven professional investment management in a local context….

» To safeguard our clients’ wealth, big or small, through the dedicated use of sophisticated risk management tools…

» To improve the Bangladeshi capital market efficiency through the introduction of innovative investment products….

» To train our next-generation with world-class financial knowledge so they can rise to the challenge of tomorrow’s complex and increasingly global capital markets.
  RACE is a mutual fund Asset Management Company, licensed by the SEC. We take the hard-earned money of our investors and put it to work in the capital markets based on rigorous research and strict investment discipline. We strive everyday to generate profits for our thousands of investors while minimizing risk to their assets.  
EBL NRB Mutual Fund.
PHP First Mutual Fund.
Popular Life First Mutual Fund.
First Janata Bank Mutual Fund.
IFIC Bank First Mutual Fund.
Trust Bank First Mutual Fund.
EBL First Mutual Fund.
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